solitaire classic game with 1 card - free ♥ ♠ ♣ ♦

Koolsol is a free classic solitaire one card game without registration. You can play offline and the game contains the solutions of the card draws.

 Koolsol is a free classic single card game that also works offline. It is without registration and contains the solutions of the games.

You can also play it offline and in this case the prints are coming from games preloaded by the application.

It works on computers, mobile phones or on tablets (ipad, iphone, android, IOS, tizen, windows and firefox ), preferably with Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, Firefox or another modern browser.

It is without registration and no download is required thanks to the serviceWorker ( progressive web app ) or appcache technologies.

Up to 100 games can be pre-loaded, this is convenient if you need to take the subway or a train or a plane.

The cards can be moved with the mouse or with the finger for tactile devices.

A "flick" is also enough to move the cards, it is much faster.

The rules are the same as the classic solitaire but the proposed games all have a solution you can see and so you can also learn how to play according to these rules which are quite simple.

It replaces the solitaire of windows 10 or that of windows 8 which are no longer "totally" free.

By playing solitaire you can turn waiting into entertainment.

Once the rules of the solitaire game learned - and they are pretty simple - you will not be able to do without it.

This version of the solitaire is different from the other versions because the games are numbered and all have a solution.

This koolsol solitaire is translated into several languages.

If you are in a network coverage or connected to the internet, you will see the list of countries in which players have recently won games

How to play

See the help by clicking on the button "?" Then click on the "see a solution" button, you will be able to learn the rules of the game.

How it works ?

A program attempts to resolve random games, and the resolved games become available.

This game is also an android app

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